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Prime Z790-P Wifi D4 wake timer bug - 10 minutes late ! Asus firmware/BIOS bug, needs fixing.

Level 7

I recently updated my home theater PC. The system now has the motherboard in the title. I use NextPVR to record events from TV over an antenna with a quad HD tuner card from Hauppauge.

The problem I'm experiencing is that programs start recording quite late, and this is due to the machine not waking up from sleep mode at the time programmed in the application, but rather waking up about 7-10 minutes late, and thus starting the recording late.

I have so far worked around the BIOS bug by setting all my recording events to start 10 minutes early. But I really shouldn't have to do that.

This BIOS bug affects my scheduled nightly backups with Acronis True Image at 2am also, which starts around 2:10am instead of 2:00.

I actually have 5 desktop PCs at home with 5 Asus motherboards. All of them use the wake timer capability in the OS/BIOS. 2 of them suffer from this bug with the wake time being wrong :

- Asus Prime Z790-P Wifi D4

- Asus Prime Z690-P D4

Both are in home theater computers which really need the wake timer capability to be correct.

How can I get Asus to fix this BIOS bug ?

My other 3 Asus motherboards don't have this bug :

Asus Prime X570 Pro

Asus Prime X470 Pro

Asus Z170-AR