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PRIME Z690-P D4 crash issue due to AISuite3

Level 7
Earlier this year I built a new computer with a PRIME Z690-P D4 motherboard. I'm running Windows 11 with Armoury Crate. Every few days (or sometimes up to a week) I start seeing a series of popup windows that are titled "Aisuite3" and reads "Access violation at address 0041852C in module 'AISuite3.exe'. Read of address 00000949." These windows keep popping up every few seconds. Once this starts, if I try to kill the AISuite process or restart the computer the computer will blue screen. I suspect this is a hardware level issue based on the blue screens, but I'm curious if anyone else has seen something like this before I try to RMA the motherboard.

Having used ASUS PRIME motherboards for around 20 years, this one has been by far the most frustrating in terms of odd behavior. Maybe it has something to do with the amount of lighting I have in this machine but it would be nice to get to a stable point eventually.

Level 7
Finally, edit is working again. Lost the first draft due to the disappearing text issue.

I've been able to resolve my problem. Ended up that my motherboard had the original BIOS from when it was first released. Updating to the latest version has stopped the spontaneous reboots and AISuite crashes. It has been nearly three weeks now without a crash.

Something else the BIOS update appears to have fixed is a memory stability issue. I have 64GB of DDR4-3600 in this machine. Running MemTest86+ always resulted in a few errors being recorded. The only way I could avoid that was to downclock the memory to 3200MHz. After the BIOS update, the test ran overnight (four passes including Hammer) at full speed without any errors.