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PRIME H610M-A D4 Freezes after a few days (weeks)

Level 9
Hi, my PRIME H610M-A D4 freezes after a few days, sometimes after a few weeks, I tested with an AMD 6400 and also with a GeForce 1050 TI, apparently the only card (that I tested) which doesn't seems to suffer this freezeness is my GeForce 1030.

I usually only sleep my computer, but when windows decides to send updates, I'm forced to restart the computer, then after a few minutes of use, the computer freezes, so as workaround I have to update the bios to the latest version, if there's no bios, reapplying the bios fixes the issue, also changing some settings of the bios fix the issue too.

I don't overclock neither memory nor CPU.

The issue is not driver related because it freezes even at bios.

I have a similar problem. The computer freezes 20-30 minutes after resuming from standby. If I don't use standby mode the computer works for several days. What bios settings did you change?

I have the same too, did you find a solution ?

What changes ?