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PRIME B660M-A WIFI D4 ---> which one is the x4 pcie slot??

Level 7

It has 2 PCIEX16 in black color.  One of them is x4. 

Anyone knows which one is the x4?


Level 14

Oddly, the user manual doesn't appear to clearly define that.  I'd guess they will be in the order they are on the tech specs, so x4 on the upper and x1 on the lower of the pair.  Shine a torch into them an look for the gold contact fingers; the x4 will have more contacts than the x1 (assuming they have done the normal thing where it's only the plastic of the slot that is x16, and the contacts are not actually present for the missing lanes).

Level 14

Ok, my guess above was wrong.  I found the answer in one of the  product photos, where the slot contacts are visible.  The upper one is x1, and the lower is x4.  I've highlighted the contacts in the picture below with a yellow tint, so you can see what I meant about looking for them.



thanks Murph.  It helps very much.