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New pc build z790 f wifi ii no display and fans not spinning on ryujin 360

Level 7

Have a new pc build I'm having trouble booting. everything has power except for fans on ryujin 360 iii. Was able to do bios update but can't seem to get a display to install windows. Is there a key I press to boot to bios? Will i need gpu hdmi to display bios or motherboard hdmi to get a display. New to aio pc builds any help appreciated!

Asus z790 f wifi ii

Core I9 14900k

Asus ryujin 360 iii

Nvidia 4060 ti

Corsair 6000mhz  

Asus rog Thor 1600w psu


Level 12

are you 100% sure you plugged everything in correctly? all it takes is one missed connection or one loose connection not plugged in to make it not work

I haven't built a pc in 20 years but I'm just using aio fans which are not spinning without software setup. I remember my first pc build would not boot if I unplugged the rear fan which I don't have one installed. Aio is all plugged in. all of my mobo test lights are out it is fully built except for a rear fan which I haven't ordered yet

the ryoujin should still spin even without software. make sure it is plugged in correctly.

3 connections and usb 2.0? I cant figure out why everything has power except for fans. No controller came with setup it shows different aio installs online with a controller but this came with no controller

Level 7

Need any other pics just ask

Does mobo need m.2 to boot or can I use 870 evo ssd