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New bios 2202 Z790-F Gaming Wifi

Level 9

Notes : "The update introduces the Intel Baseline Profile option, allowing users to revert to Intel factory default settings for basic functionality, lower power limits, and improving stability in certain games.


You won't notice any performance lose. The only thing you will notice is cinebench score, but this doesn't mean it's performance lose 🙂

And you are not restricting the processor, you are just setting the default intel values, while your mobo trying to overclock it which cause to instability/crashes..

Ok for the moment no crash on MW3 it seems ok to me

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Try Fortnite, it usually show up fast 😄 , and try cinebench with Multicore test...


please keep me updated 🙂

Level 7

Level 7

Is there any point whatsoever in getting this BIOS if we have had overall good stability? 19300K and Z790 Hero here

Personally I wouldn't bother updating. If you are happy with your set up then leave well alone .

Nope, no need.

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Level 9

I'm not gonna DL this bios update, I think this is just for anyone who can play the games that are listed. Did anyone else skip this update?

Which game list are you talking about?

There is no list of games where these problems/instabilities occur.
At least I'm not aware of any.

The instabilities mentioned here “can” occur in various games, but they don’t have to.
And for these instabilities, this profile for Intel factory default settings was probably integrated.
Ultimately, you should only use it if such problems/instabilities actually occur.

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