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New bios 2202 Z790-F Gaming Wifi

Level 9

Notes : "The update introduces the Intel Baseline Profile option, allowing users to revert to Intel factory default settings for basic functionality, lower power limits, and improving stability in certain games.


I will skip 2202. Seems there is no any performance/stability improvements in it - only Intel Baseline Profile.

Level 9

There's a few unreal engine games that have been causing issues with 13/14 skus. 

Level 8

Boy i feel like there is a lot of misinformation in this thread.  Particularly if you are not seeing issues don't enable baseline.  Well you sure as $$hit gotta change something, MCE for sure.  If you aren't seeing issues yet you most likely will.  These processors are slowly getting cooked by overvoltage. Mine took about 6 months. I never do any gaming. Just regular use. It got so bad with constant crashing every night. I tried reinstalling windows and that had so many BSOD's and failures. Then it would crash about 25x a day. Slowly getting worse and worse. I said to myself no way this is a software issue. I came to the conclusion MCE cooked the processor partially. Then sure enough, after I swap processor all is well. Then 2 weeks later I see all these news articles talking about MCE being a problem and too much voltage. So looks like I was right. 

If you are seeing frequent crashes then your processor already likely has damage and I would no questions asked warranty it.  When you swap the processor at the bare minimum disable MCE for sure. If you are not currently seeing crashes disable MCE before damage is done!

Hence why I am staying on 2802 Bios for my Strix Gaming A Z690, Auto on the newer bio's causes my heavy load voltage to hit 1.368v! which is way out of spec and that's with stock PL limits, Stock LLC3 and an no OC and an undervolt also.

It does not help these motherboard manufacturers do not explain the basics or in simple terms for some people like the SVID behaviour etc, What on earth is Typical or Trained and so on and so on, Why is there no simple Intel VID ie an SVID that follows the CPU's programmed VID table instead of labelling it in a stupid way that makes no sense to no one.



Level 9

I installed 2202 on my Proart Creator Wi-fi Z790 motherboard and it didn't last a day as I found it be rather unstable with app crashes and other issues. I've subsequently gone back bios 2002 which has been stable since it was released.

Proart Creator Z90
13900K with Corsair AIO
Corsair Dominator Platinum 5600mhz 64gb ram
Corsair RM1200x PSU
Sapphire Nitro+ RX7900 XTX

Level 8

ROG STRIX Z790-E, Bios 2202, i9-14900, RTX 4080, 32GB Ram @6200, no-limit (max 90°C setting ON) setting in Bios, NH-U12A air cooling. I've tested  the rig with Cinebench 23 (37.500 in multicore), 3DMark, 1440 gaming, Video Converter software and so on. Not a single problem in 4 months. And never a problem with the previous CPU (i9-13900) as well.

Level 7

I'm still running 2002 on my z790 Hero.
Never worried about updating did a lot of manual tweaking to keep voltages in check.

I was someone who had a 13900k degrade is a strange way, I had bought it launch day, Oct 2022, failed March this year.
E-Cores were completely unstable doing everyday tasks (Chrome, Winrar installing a GPU driver), P-Cores were fine, I could stress test all day with Cinebench, Prime OCCT etc.
Locking the E-Cores to 3.5Ghz allowed for stability.
I tested with a 14600k CPU to confirm the problem.

Intel RMA'd the cpu, got a new one, I have been super strict with the voltages and PL limits.

Mine degraded in similar fashion.  Everyday tasks problematic including chrome crashes toward the end before I swapped.  Tons of errors reinstalling windows.  About same length of time it took to degrade.   Would pass intel processor diagnostics stress test all day long.  

My old 10900k is still going strong with a good overclock.
My wife is using it for 4k gaming along with my old 3090.

There's something seriously wrong, even when I locked the clocks on my 13900k to 5.5Ghz leaving the cache on auto, the cache would hit 5Ghz, so I had to manually set that to 4.5Ghz.
That would be a motherboard thing though.

These few little tweaks to the power keeps everything in check, though you'll get some downclocking in heavy load like Cinebench, Prime etc.
Will maintaine 5.5Ghz in gaming fine, keeps temps down too.

From your previous post it sounds like you were hammering it with some current heavy stress tests. I’m not sure why anyone still uses Prime in this day and age.

MCE Enabled, SVID Behaviour: Typical, 8600MT DRAM / VDD2 1.54, IVR 1.44 since day one - no issues or signs of degradation. 

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090