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My sad and strange story. HERO Z790

Level 9

I want to tell you a story...

In July for my birthday my son gave me the 13900k, after a week i bought on Amazon the HERO Z790 and  Corsair Vengence DDR5 64 GB 4X16 (CMH64GX5M4B6200C32). i move all from Hero Z590 and for a month + or - all was perfect, but one day i had problem whith the memory and i wasn't able to reach 64 gb but only 48gb and all the stick was ok. I did all the possible test and i decide to ask to amazon to change my mobo and they did, but the new one gave me the same error and so i ask again to amazon to change whith difference of money by me whith 2 sticks instead 4  2x32 dominator 6600 mhz. Passed a month... with no problem but one days i switched on and error 53 again!! whith all the possible checks by me but nothing! Always error 53!! And also whitout memory on board! I thought again fault mobo and ask to amazon to change it and they do it again but this time they wanted first to pay the new one the gave me a refound. Ok i paid and ..they send me the new motherboard and guess? error 53! Change again the mobo and also the ram this time whith the QVL Dominator 6800 Mhz. Switch on ...perfect! any problem till yesterday and who want to know????? Error 53 again!! Dear friends of mine i'm not a overclocker or similar and i'm not a curious to change voltage or other on BIOS but believe me all that i told you is the true! Now i'm afraid to call amazon again for the Ram. I know that i'm not the only one whith error 53 but i'm quite sure the Z790 by Asus isn't the best one. I would like to know your opinion about my very strange story. And i want to thank also Amazon for their service. At the moment i can't check whith a ddr5 mobo if the ram is burnt or not  but whith a single stick 16 gb (kingston) not mine the system starts regularly. Thank you again! Ciao