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Multiple Issues (Need Help) - Bios Version 0403

Level 8
Specs (all stock settings):
- 12900K
- Asus ROG Strix Z690-F motherboard (bios version 0403)
- Corsair HX1000W PSU (multi-rail enabled)

Problem 1) Whenever I turn my computer on, it will shut off for a split second, then turns back on and after that it will continue to stay on as normal. This problem will only repeat itself when the computer has been turned off for awhile or if I switch the power at the wall outlet off and back on. Does anyone know why it does this and how to make it stop?

Problem 2) Another issue is whenever I have ErP disabled whenever my computer is off it will leave my headphone lights always on which I don't want. So I tried changing the ErP to (s4+s5) and this turns the headphone lights off but I notice a problem when I press the power button on my computer there is like a 3 second delay until the computer turns on. How can I make it so that my headphone lights are off and have the power button be instant upon pressing it?

Problem 3) When I turn my computer on I cannot see the splash screen at all, it is a blank screen for the period of the boot and then it just goes straight to Windows Desktop. How can I make it so that I see the splash logo screen etc?

1) This is not uncommon. Sometimes it's related to memory training. It's not harmful.
2) I'm guessing this is a USB powered headphone? If you disable USB power during sleep or off power states I believe this should fix your issue. IIRC this is in the onboard devices section and you shouldn't need to enable erp.
3) Confirm your display isn't still waking from sleep. If it's slow to wake either because of the display itself or because the board isn't sending a signal quickly enough then that could just be blank. Anyway, I think you should find several options to tweak in the Boot section. You could try disabling Fast Boot to see if that allows you to see anything.
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