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Motherboard codes endlesly rotate in different error codes from 40-60 but mostly in the 40-48

Level 7

Hello i build my brand new pc with every part new, from memory to motherboard to CPU,

it's a ASUS z790 Maximus hero
and 2x32 Corsair CMT64GX5M2X5600C40 5600

I initially got 2x32 with 6600 and c32 but because I was having this endless rotation of errors errors I thought it was the motherboard, so I returned it and got a new one, the issue the same, then I changed the memories to 2 from the compatibility list 2x32 5600 C40, but again the errors stayed the same, the system boots fine to windows just not sure what causing it. 

Also in the device manager i have a warning on the raid controller but i don't think that is related

Does anyone know what might be causing it? 


Level 14

Check your BIOS, Advanced/Onboard Devices Configuration, LED Lighting and set Q-Code LED Function to Post Code Only. If set to default Auto the Q-Code LED will endlessly run through post codes and your CPU temps. 😉


Post code only.jpeg

Intel 14900KF ~ Asus MZ790A ~ 48GB DDR5 ~ RTX 3090 FE ~ Crucial T700 SSD ~ SeaSonic TX-1600 ~ Praxis WetBench ~ Full Custom Water.