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Maximus Z790 Extreme

Level 7

Need an advice on what to do. Recently acquired Maximus Z790 Extreme with a 13900k and I'm currently running a Samsung 980 Pro in M.2_1 socket and a 3080 Ti in PCIEX16(g)_1. When I go into GPU-Z, my video card is running at 8X instead of 16X. Are there some sort of bios settings I am supposed to change in order to use full speed?

Level 7
Samsung Pro 980 pro is a PCIe version 4 device. Therefore, the best is to install it in the M2-2 slot (you have to do that !). On the 13900K there are 16 lanes for PCIe 5 and 4 lanes for PCIe version 4. The M2_1 slot shares the 16 lanes (v.5) with the videocard installed in the PCIex5 slot#1

Level 7
Just use M.2_2 and 3

Its weird intel did this share imo, I also built a new AMD setup 7950, it can do 16x on graphics AND have a PCI 5 SSD 😛 kinda weird way to accomplish something "next gen" lol