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MAXIMUS Z790 DARK HERO - i9-14900K - G.SKILL Trident Z5 XMP 3.0 DDR5 8000MTs - can't use XMP

Level 11

My setup listed in the subject.  I updated the bios to 506 and I still only get 5700 MHz with my cpu when native is 6.0 GHz for this processor.

Everything is set to default / Auto.

My memory (F5-8000J4048F24GX2-TZ5RS 96gb) should run at 8000 MT/s using XMP profiles, but only running at 4700 MHz with AI Overclock Tuner set to Auto.  If I try XMP 1 or 2, it won't boot and restarts in Safe mode.

I wanted to see if anyone else is having these issues before I start trying different voltages / timings.

I was going to try manually setting the memory freq to 8000 and CL40-48-48-128 1.35V, which is what G.Skill advertises for my memory.  Not sure what to try for the cpu to get that at least at 6 GHz, and I was hoping to be able to OC higher.

Other hardware includes AIO Asus water cooler, Gen5 M2 and Strix GeForce RTX 4090 Gaming.

I want to take it slow so not to damage anything, thus posting here for some advice.

UPDATE:  Do not buy the Dark Hero, several have returned it because unable to get stable OC.  Instead, buy the Apex Encore and Corsair memory.

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I will try get stable  7200mhz with 4x48gb. 

7800 / 8000  x2 dimms karhu / TM5 passed ? 

AIDA numbers at 7800 & 8000 

could care less about 4 sticks. 

Z790 Apex Encore, 14900KS, Corsair 7000D, Crucial T705 2TB, Corsair Titanium DDR5 48GB 8200, Asus RTX 4090 OC STRIX, MSI MEG 1300w PSU, Corsair ICUE LINK 420mm 14 QX Fans, Acer Predator X38 S 177hz | Z790 Apex Encore, 14900KS, Corsair Titanium DDR5 48GB 8200, Crucial T700 2TB, Corsair HX1000 PSU, Corsair 5000D, Corsair ICUE LINK 360mm, Asus RTX 4090 TUF, Alienware 38" Curved 144hz

I will do 7800mhz maybe next week. 

I care about 4 sticks and would appreciate all the help run my kit at 6000 or 6200., what I don't care is setup wars


Bios Setting for 24h stable i9 14900kf + 4x24gb 6800mzh. Make sure you reset bios do default settings. Start windows and shut it down. Cut power from psu for few minutes. Then set it up in bios.  On this board is not just memory settings also cpu it has to be super stable. 

Xmp 2
Ddr5 7200
Asus multicore enh enabled remove all limits
Dram frequemcy 6600
Perfoance core ratio
Symc all cores

All core ratio 45
Avx2 ratio offset 5
Maximus tweak mode 2
Cpu load calibration level 6

Global core svid voltageva adaptive mode +
Additional turbo mode voltage cpu core 1.52.

Cpu agent voltage 1.25
Vdd voltage 1.4
Vddq voltage 1.4
Irv vddq voltage 1.28
Memory controler voltage 1.3
Vmx disabled

Level 9

My experience with my Dark Hero was very poor and could not get 8000 memory to pass Karhu above 6400 or so with all CPUs running stock.  All errors were on one DIMM slot, regardless of which stick was in it.
So, I do believe mine had some manufacturing defect as ASUS reference design can not have been that bad. 
Also, means they can make good ones, so good to keep trying.

I still would like to know if disabling Vmx is important, as that is one thing I did not ever do.

My one had max 5400mhz before I start tweaking bios settings. Its nothing wrong with your motherboard.

I disagree. I did everything you listed, almost exactly the same and there was almost no improvement. But I did not disable Vmx. 

Is your cpu stable ?

I could not get my 8000 memory over 6400 when the CPU were bone stock, no overclocking.  So, yes stable.
As I mentioned, all memory errors on my Dark Hero board were in DIMM Slot 3, regardless of which memory was in that slot.

The same CPU is now heavily overclocked and same 8000 memory running at 7600 in an Apex Encore.

I just wanted to know why you disabled Vmx.