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MAXIMUS Z790 DARK HERO - i9-14900K - G.SKILL Trident Z5 XMP 3.0 DDR5 8000MTs - can't use XMP

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My setup listed in the subject.  I updated the bios to 506 and I still only get 5700 MHz with my cpu when native is 6.0 GHz for this processor.

Everything is set to default / Auto.

My memory (F5-8000J4048F24GX2-TZ5RS 96gb) should run at 8000 MT/s using XMP profiles, but only running at 4700 MHz with AI Overclock Tuner set to Auto.  If I try XMP 1 or 2, it won't boot and restarts in Safe mode.

I wanted to see if anyone else is having these issues before I start trying different voltages / timings.

I was going to try manually setting the memory freq to 8000 and CL40-48-48-128 1.35V, which is what G.Skill advertises for my memory.  Not sure what to try for the cpu to get that at least at 6 GHz, and I was hoping to be able to OC higher.

Other hardware includes AIO Asus water cooler, Gen5 M2 and Strix GeForce RTX 4090 Gaming.

I want to take it slow so not to damage anything, thus posting here for some advice.

UPDATE:  Do not buy the Dark Hero, several have returned it because unable to get stable OC.  Instead, buy the Apex Encore and Corsair memory.

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For anyone new reading through this thread that I can hopefully help. 

I have been through 5 motherboards in the past 6 months. 

x2 Z790 Hero 

x1 Z790 Dark Hero 

X2 Z790 Apex Encore 

x2 14900K 

x2 13900K 

x1 13700K 

I have built 4 PC's in the past 6 months 

What I have learned: 

If you are interested in running 7800+ memory speed save yourself a lot of time and headache and order a Z790 Apex Encore and Corsair Titanium 8000 memory. 

I tested numerous 8000 kits of 24GB two sticks Gskill, T-Force, the corsair was the only 8000 kit that worked in two Apex Encores with 14900K. 

Currently my wife and I are running nearly identical systems

Z790 Apex Encore 


RTX 4090 OC 

Crucial T700 Gen5 M.2 

Corsair Titanium DDR5 @ 8200 XMP 1  

So yes I have two Z790 Hero's sitting here in the box, a 13900K and a Z790 Dark Hero. Expensive lesson learning for sure. 

However, with all of that said, Silicone lottery is still a thing. Another member of this forum and the OP of this thread has the exact same parts as me and his system will not run 8000 on an Apex Encore with Corsair Titanium 8000. Only part that has not been changed is the CPU. It is possible he got a bad CPU as I have a bad 13900k sitting here in my office, unfortunately it failed after the return period expired. 

After getting the two Z790 Apex Encore setups with the Corsair Titanium we are absolutely loving our new rigs... blazing fast... let me tell you I can feel the difference with ram running at 8200.. it is nuts. Everything is instant. Very happy with this setup now. Of course not happy with the bill it took to get here but I guess it is all about the journey right... so if my journey can help someone else then so be it. 

If i may be able to answer any questions feel free to post here or send me a message, I am happy to help if i can. 


Screenshot 2023-12-23 162237.png


Crucial T700 PCIE 5 SSD.jpgIMG_0233.jpegIMG_0368.jpegIMG_0371.jpegIMG_0374.jpegIMG_0395.jpegIMG_0475.jpegIMG_3061.JPEGIMG_3063.JPEG

No offense but this topic is about dark hero. I can run easy 7800mhz on dark heroo if only 2 sticks. Of course on apex is easy but also possible on dark hero.  When I get time I will find solution how run 4x24gb  on dark hero 7200mhz.  I was very close last time but run out with time. Will try new bios and try find solution soon.

If you paid attention the OP now has an Apex because like myself we could not even get 7400 stable with only two sticks. I spent a ton of money and time trying and so did he as well as others. 

the fact that 7800 is “easy” on your setup sounds like you got lucky so I doubt your situation will provide any value or insight to the conversation and is clearly not a typical customer experience based on user feedback in this thread and numerous other sources. 

Sorry but problem is because dark here required some knowledge. On apex is easy. Every one can do it.  I'm telling you can run 7800mhz on your dark hero.  I have few systems 2 are on dark hero. And both are the same. Its no about lucky. 

That’s interesting. This thread has been going on for months regarding numerous people who are unable to get the Dark Hero to run 7200 / 7400 stable and you’ve had the solution all this time and didn’t say anything.. 

Sorry I never used this forum.  When I get time I will show you I can run 7800mhz on dark hero with 2 sticks.  With 13900 and 14900.


14900kf overclocked + 4x24GB 6800MHZ






AIDA64 Benchmark



7800 karhu / TM5 passed? 

Assuming your still tuning the memory read, write, copy and latency