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MAXIMUS Z790 DARK HERO and memory selection

Level 7

I just purchased a MAXIMUS Z790 DARK HERO mobo. I want to install a minimum of 64 GB RAM. I was looking for 8000 RAM speed and use (4) 16 GB chips, but I don’t see that option. would I be able to use (4) F5-8000J4048F24GX2-TZ5RK G.Skill chips.  I do not plan to OC it too much if at all as I use the system mainly for work. I plan on installing windows 11 Enterprise as the base os for any gaming and then (2) Hyper-V instance of windows 11 Enterprise for work and testing. 

What is your recommendation on RAM speed and installing either 64 or 96 GB of RAM to get maximum performance.

The rest of my system consists of:
 core i914900KF Processor
Asus GR701 BL Case
Asus Ryujin III ARGB Cooler
Crucial T700 2TB Gen5 NVMe M.2 SSD for the OS
WD_BLACK 4TB SN850X NVMe Internal Gaming SSD Solid State Drive - Gen4 PCIe, M.2 2280, Up to 7,300 MB/s - WDS400T2X0E for DATA
Asus ROG Thor Platinum 1200W Power Supply