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Make Future Motherboard Feature Suggestions Here!

Hi all,

ASUS ROG is requesting our best suggestions for ROG product improvements. As a moderator I won’t have the ability to implement your suggestions but I will be picking some of the best to highlight for the ROG team so they know what matters to us, the community.

Some guidelines for this thread:
1) Keep it positive and constructive. In most of the forum I try to allow you all to express your thoughts freely (within reason). This thread has the express purpose of generating constructive suggestions so I will be moderating this thread and deleting posts that do not contribute to that goal.
2) Keep it concise and on topic. Some minor discussion regarding a specific suggestion is welcome but if you would like to have a longer conversation I ask you start an additional thread and link it in your post here. You can also request a moderator move your posts if you have need.
3) Try for realistic ideas that appeal broadly to gamers. A small improvement on an existing ROG product is much more likely to get chosen than an entirely new product that only matters to a small number of people.
4) Support your favorites! You don’t have to come up with a suggestion to help. If you see something you like, quote it and say so! More support for an idea improves its chances.

I’ve updated the titles for these feedback threads to reflect that this is primarily for *future* products. Sorry for the lack of clarity. While there is a chance some ideas could be implemented via software updates it’s most likely any suggestions would be rolled into new products.
Also, these threads are not for issue reporting and such posts won’t reach the right people. Please post issues in the ROG Care > Hardware & Software Support section. Or contact ASUS support via phone or email for immediate assistance.
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Thank you for this opportunity.
My first suggestion is to implement in the BIOS the chance to configure the OLED (as you do in the armory crate) so you don't have to install AC on Win11.

One thing, that would be really nice, is if the white versions of RAM kits could be QVL'd and tested with this board. For Example, the CMW32GX4M4C3600C18 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 kit on the QVL, but add a W for the white at the end (CMW32GX4M4C3600C18W) isn't, although the CMW32GX4M4C3600C18 is listed twice (possibly just left off the W??).
It seems like every BIOS update for this board does not help with memory instability when enabling XMP profiles. It just get caught in a boot loop at post, and constantly restarts in the middle of post, and if it makes it through post it restarts on the ROG splash screen for BIOS before loading Windows. So far I've tried both 0901 & 0807 & 0707, with no luck at all.

Basically what I'm asking is, PLEASE get a good BIOS update that will actually make a stable system, please! I was VERY excited to move from other brand boards to ASUS ROG boards, to just have this happen and completely ruin my experience and my thoughts of ASUS ROG products. I really want to like it.

Lean heavily on Realtek to improve their audio drivers! Screw it, don't "lean" on them, outright order them to fix issues that are affecting the quality your product.

This Z690-I is decent, but my experience with it has been very disappointing because of the audio chipset. Frankly, I don't really feel like this motherboard was worth the money, and it's almost entirely because of the Realtek ALC4080 onboard sound.

First, when I power on the PC it sends a thump through my speakers. I've never had a PC do this before. It's probably not loud enough to damage components, but it's annoying and is disappointing and cheap-feeling to hear from a high-end motherboard.

The big issue, however, is that this ALC4080 audio chip does not allow port reassignment like past Realtek chips have. This means that when I run surround sound out, I can't output all channels using the motherboard's rear ports. Per the manual, running a 4.1/5.1 setup requires that a channel be output on the front panel connector, and not even on the front headphone port, but on the microphone port. This leads to several phenomenally dumb things to have on a supposedly high-end motherboard:

  • You have to run a surround channel through the front panel. So, if your PC has front panel connectors then you always have a cable running out the front of it (particularly ugly for a nice home theater PC).
  • If your PC doesn't have a front panel connector, like mine, then you have to connect a front panel audio board and leave it hanging out the rear of the PC like some crappy hack, not like a nice >$400 motherboard. Stupid.
  • Because of the port assignment limitations, if you run 4.1/5.1 surround you can't use any onboard microphone input! Both microphone ports become outputs! So, to use an analog microphone, I had to buy a dinky USB sound card to make up for the deficiencies of my expensive motherboard - even thought it has enough physical ports!


Or, to put it all in perspective, my shiny new Z690-I doesn't have the audio capabilities of my previous motherboard, the 10-year old P8P67 Pro!

For the record, I've also reported this to Customer Service, but it's not really up to ASUS to fix, it's up to ASUS to demand Realtek address the issues.

Is it possible that certain OC profiles can be linked to special applications? For example profile 1 (5.5GHz) is used when starting CSGO. Profile 2 (5.0GHz) is loaded when starting Cinebench etc.

Thank you!

This is for "cosmetics": Please consider for the ROG Strix series additionally a "black line": A PCB without any RGB and colored plastic stuff or fancy logos, just black metal. Not everybody likes the current "decorations".

For the hardware: As mentioned already, something better than the ALC4080 audio chip should be used for motherboards that cost above 400$$.

Many of the premium Air Coolers will not fit on the Asus Strix Z690-A WIFI D4 due to the oversized heat sinks, Noctua NH-D15, BeQuiet etc. What an oversight!
How about a version 2 with redesigned heat sinks so that customers can use decent air cooling? I really wanted to buy Asus but ended up buying a comparable MSI board.

there no pcie slot variant of that device? keep lookin, compaines make all kinds of crazy adapters these days. 

Level 12
The bios should be able to identify when an incorrect RAM configuration is being used, ie when A2 and B2 are not used in dual ram config and advise user to place in them in the correct slots or whatever config they actually have and advise correct placement.

Level 8
Fix the multiple DDR5 XMP BSOD and stability issues that are clearly outlined on multiple threads on this forum without solution or apparent acknowledgment by Asus.