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Make Future Motherboard Feature Suggestions Here!

Hi all,

ASUS ROG is requesting our best suggestions for ROG product improvements. As a moderator I won’t have the ability to implement your suggestions but I will be picking some of the best to highlight for the ROG team so they know what matters to us, the community.

Some guidelines for this thread:
1) Keep it positive and constructive. In most of the forum I try to allow you all to express your thoughts freely (within reason). This thread has the express purpose of generating constructive suggestions so I will be moderating this thread and deleting posts that do not contribute to that goal.
2) Keep it concise and on topic. Some minor discussion regarding a specific suggestion is welcome but if you would like to have a longer conversation I ask you start an additional thread and link it in your post here. You can also request a moderator move your posts if you have need.
3) Try for realistic ideas that appeal broadly to gamers. A small improvement on an existing ROG product is much more likely to get chosen than an entirely new product that only matters to a small number of people.
4) Support your favorites! You don’t have to come up with a suggestion to help. If you see something you like, quote it and say so! More support for an idea improves its chances.

I’ve updated the titles for these feedback threads to reflect that this is primarily for *future* products. Sorry for the lack of clarity. While there is a chance some ideas could be implemented via software updates it’s most likely any suggestions would be rolled into new products.
Also, these threads are not for issue reporting and such posts won’t reach the right people. Please post issues in the ROG Care > Hardware & Software Support section. Or contact ASUS support via phone or email for immediate assistance.
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Level 9

Audio continues to be a problem.  I end up choosing ASUS every time because it's one of the few suppliers that still makes motherboards with multi-channel analog audio output.  Ever since Windows 8.1, drivers have been a problem.  First issue discovered was drivers missing room correction and I sorely missed the automated beep/click room correction distance feature where distance was measured dynamically through the microphone.  MoKiChU thankfully provided a solution with proper drivers that restored room correction.  This went on for years, with every new motherboard until USB audio.  Now however, there is an "old" set of drivers for Realtrek USB audio and a "new" set.  Unfortunately, while the new drivers do support room correction, it is missing a graphic equalizer.  This is very disappointing on my new Asus Apex Encore, I was not expecting to lose another critical feature I've been using for decades.  While I am a dedicated ASUS customer, it would be nice if I didn't get new audio surprises with every new motherboard generation.

If I were to request a feature suggestion to resolve this, first, stop removing features, we buy ASUS motherboards for these features and secondly, for those of us who never intend to use headphones, it would be for ASUS to partner with firms like Audyssey and give us all the features we're actually looking for in a multi-channel analog solution and abandon DTS as it offers nothing useful in this case.  This is something I'd personally pay a premium for.

Note the image, there is no more equalizer.  Makes the SupremeFX audio, not so supreme after all:


Level 14

Reinforce the IHS on LGA1851 motherboards to prevent the bending issue that LGA1700s have.

Level 7

it's time to add 10 gbps port 

Level 8

free / safe space around CPU cooler holes

It looks like there are a lot tiny connections around the mounting holes for the CPU cooler. Depending on the mounting options from the cooler it is quite easy to destroy them. Please try to build a kind of "clean" area around the mounting holes. I know from my own that PCB board design is very hard, but from the space on the board on some other areas it should be possible to build a little bit more space here.

Level 17

Not a feature suggestion, but I think this is important. Can we get better explanations when BIOS updates and other support page software is made available? For example, the Thunderbolt firmware downgrade to NVM31 (just released) provides no information as to why anybody might want to do this. At least the instructions about how to do it are there, but in my view, it's not reasonable to expect people to research such things themselves when such information could so easily be added by Asus. It's simple things like this that would improve the overall end-user experience.  

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Level 13

Instead of removing "beep" speaker support like on current motherboards, integrate a speaker on the motherboard with a BIOS to enable/disable it.

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Level 13

Ability too see LLC in mohm in the bios ( or a setting to sync ONLY dcll to llc).

Visibility of current values of memory skew (park, nom...) in bios, even when set to auto.

Visibility of the current ram timing values when set on auto (many are not).

Ability to save favorite settings configuration to a thumb drive.

Show Asus boot logo default = off in boos

Install amory crate default = off in bios

More in depth documentation of what bios variables actually do instead of useless xxxxx "enables xxxxx"

ROG Hero XIII | 10900k @5.2 GHz | g.skill 2x32GB 4200 CL18 | ROG Strix 2070S | EK Nucleus 360 Dark | 6TB SSD/nvme, 16TB external HDD | 2x 1440p | Vanatoo speakers with Klipsch sub | Fractal Meshify 2 case

Level 9

BIOS change history, at least 5 or 10 changes.

Level 12

you should add the ability to monitor/set fan curves based on GPU temperature, not the fans on the gpu itself but i should be able to set my case fans based on the temperature of the GPU as that is going to be the hottest component especially for gamers. it save me from downloading a 3rd party software and it would be an extremely nice addition to your ROG strix and over lineup.

Do you mean like the Fan Connect II headers?

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