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Mainboard Z690 Maximus Extreme (Mar-2022) with BSOD - exception violation // memory errors // etc

Level 8


I am new here, 25 years working in professional IT environment and I did a lot of successful instalations. Until today!  I try to fix a problem it is struggling me for 2 months now. It started with some crashes in steam games and after Windows updates. Sometimes it was powershell crashing, then teams, then the update.exe,.... IRQ or less,..., CRC-error on downloaded files, etc The error list is long meanwhile.

I dont recognized any problem before this period. Even after upgarding to i9 14900k and new RTX 4090 GPU before christmas nothing happend and the System was really very stable.

Neraly since 1 month the crashes in games became more and I decided to refresh WIN11 after I thought this could solve the problem! And then it started the challenge to bring the system to a final updated version.

6 times now I was installing the system (allways by using USB medium and clean the SSD),.... allway the driver instalation was the biggest challenge,..The newest Armoury crate version seems to be big desaster and also the driver instalation of ASUS is really something I did'nt understood so far. sometimes the setup is starting sometimes not,... sometimes you restart PC after installing the driver and the driver is not recognized by the Windows....

So what I did after the third atempt to install Windows:: (1) Updating BIOS to latest version, (2) new SSD 980Pro, (3) new RAM compatible to i9 14900k, (4) new GPU, (5) change of CPU (after I have two similar gamer pcs incl all components for my sons), (6) change of switch (new unused), (7) new WIN11 23H2 image.

So all this did not help so far. My last installation with a new Win 11 23H2 version, was faster because the updates were included, but after installing my Games and 3dMark and tried to test, first crash was done by 3dMark, and then the next blue screen came to my,....

My resume would be....  the Mainboard has a problem!

Any Idea or hint that I could be wrong and I did not try something known to you all?