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m.2 A slot and pci-e x16 configuration once again

Level 8

So this time with Asus ROG Strix Z790-i Gaming WiFi Motherboard the things gets even trickier

This mobo has 2 of m.2 slots, first of whitch marked as 5.0 and lanes goes from cpu directly, 

but the drive installed in A slot only does pcie 4.0 

VGA adapter is 4070ti and runs 8x4, when m.2 A slot not empty

Is there an option to switch lanes of A m.2 slot to PCH and let VGA have all its lanes?

According this review here is some kind of switching but no further detail revealed

PS same goes for apex encore, when m.2 installed in A slot even if its not pcie 5.0 capable, then VGA goes x8. Is it also switchable setup? Thanx in advance



Level 17

Not familiar with your board, but a lot of boards do reduce the GPU to x8 when M.2_1 is used. I don't believe there's any way around it, but remember that a GPU on x8 will perform nearly as well, because not all lanes are used anyway. You might only see a 3-5% reduction in speed, so nothing like as bad as it seems. 

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