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Logical Question for Asus Regarding product support/updates.

Level 7
I just want to ask you guys a simple question.

To Begin:

You guys are a multi billion dollar company that have many divisions and resources. Intel sends you guys the micro code for the 1720 update and clearly your internal teams do notice that other than setting a fixed voltage the features of your boards are busted along with other issues like forcing higher voltages, instability issues etc. So as someone who buys your products and have been for a long time and spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on your products and expect a degree of quality and support and treatment.

I'm sure you have many competent teams and people in your company, but what I want to know is where you guys dropped the ball. If I was in charge of managing that division I would never have pushed the bios update with all these issues and broken features. Disabling features on users motherboards who pay a premium for ASUS and have stuck with you throughout the years isn't something to take lightly. We expect the best. Your response is "don't upgrade it or don't do it roll back if you don't like it." That's not a response you give your clients or should you from your reps.

You realize this community pushes the edge waits for the new updates wants the every inch of performance spends hundreds to thousands on their motherboards ALONE. And yet that's the general response we get?

My simple point is that if I paid over $1,000 for a Z690 Extreme motherboard and I do an update that breaks functionality that I paid for and are using features of the motherboard that is unacceptable. You should have simply waited until a newer revision of the micro code was available and then pushed 1820 or w/e without these issues.

Regardless of I f I can downgrade to 1601 from 1720 you could easily not have posted a broken update with some better internal management. My Point is that if this happened to you I'm sure you would not like it one bit (not just a motherboard bios update but something else you use on a daily basis).

To end it if you can't maintain the highest level of quality and this update will remove functionality on motherboards that you sell and users pay for then you should not even consider in the slightest to post it and simply just wait till you can get something worthwhile out.

As someone who works with software on a daily basis I would never push an update that would remove/disable functionality that my users have and tell them "Don't like it goto the older version" that's simply unacceptable.