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Lian Li 011D EVO RGB Case connected to 3pin ADD GEN2_3 Header - NO RGB

Level 8

Really struggling with this one. 

The case RGB works fine when using the front panel controls.  Its also plugged directly into the motherboard ADD GEN2_3 header so I can sync with my MB (Z790 Forumla).  According to Lian-Li, all I have to do is press the M mode botton for 3 seconds to put it in motherboard sync mode.  When I do that, the RGB turns off and I get nothing.  Using Armory Crate, the device tab has the Addressable Headers tab and it detects LEDs on all three of my headers (which is correct, I have all three populated).

Armory Crate also detects 120 LEDs on each header, for a total of 360/500.  Within their spec as well.

Armory crate is reporting that ity sees these devices, and is syncing MB, ASUS STRIX RTX 4090, and Addressable LED Strip

But no love.  Case strip is still off.

This is the setting instructions for the Case RGB:  M: Next/Previous Light Mode Button: Press 3 seconds to sync MB, press 3 seconds  again to cancel. Go back and forth between lighting effects without needing to circle around the loop.  C: Light Color Button: Switch between 11 colors, press 3 seconds to activate Pure Color Mode,press 3 seconds again to cancel.  B: Light Brightness Button: Switch between 5 brightness levels-100%, 75%, 50%, 25%,0%.