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Keep getting crashes like 5k a day

Level 7

Not sure if this is the place to see if anyone can help but here goes 

I just did a huge upgrade from a z390 strix mobo, i5 9600k, ddr4 corsair, ryuijin 240 2080 super strix thor 1200, hellios case to

z790 hero, i913900kf, ddr5 5200 corsair, ryuijin 3 360, 4090 strix oc thor 1200, 3 ql120mm fans, 4 ql140mm fans and hellios case now 

games I used to play keeps crashing all my apps will crash many times a day blue screen at least 5 times a day for weeks now 

all my drivers are up to date I've spent probably 100 hours going through all the steps they say over and over still crash after crash.

I've not only did a fresh install of windows pro I even bought another copy of it thinking maybe my old windows was just no good.

everything I do facebook crashes everything does within 30 mins no did malware everything check still crash crash crash. its weird but I was happier when I spent 5k less money on upgrades atleast waiting for a crash or a blue screen wasn't part of my life before I spent that cash. 

I'm pretty much down to the ryuijin 360 isn't good enough to keep my computer from over heating I mean what else could it be??

my temps are 48c right now but I notice things like when I'll try to start up the computer it'll hit 89c for a couple seconds just booting up my pc then it'll balance out to high 40's but that is normal I'd say.

I'm thinking about going all water cooled but to be honest I don't want to invest in another couple thousand when i just spent like 6k in the past few months now. 

I used to play DCS world on all high settings with my old gear and frame rates weren't the highest but it never crashed now I put it on all lowest and I'm lucky to get 20 mins tops before it does I barely play it anymore cuz half the planes I try to use just crashes the whole game before it even loads another investment I've spent a couple grand on I can't even play. Like I'm shocked this hasn't crashed yet and should send it before it does. Anyone with same gear have these issues any help would help. 

I've did all the SFC, DISM checks I've spent like I said at least 100 hours working on this so its either one of my new components are either bad or the aio isn't strong enough to keep the computer cool thou it says it'll work with the 13900k I do a stress test crashes before I can even see it start instant cpu over heat to crash. the aio seems to work the fans i can hear going up   


Level 7

I forgot to add checked paste  bios up to date I did all top everything they say to check I did everything people say to try at least 2x each now. its got to be the cooling or a piece of hardware is bad and dieing. I did notice once it only showed one stick of ram so I unplugged it and installed it again and it showed up again I did a ram check and all sectors were good but why it was missing one stick once until I pulled it out an reinstalled it has me alittle confused but weeks later never another thing like that occur 

That crashing and BSOD is certainly memory or CPU related. What did you use to test the memory and how long did you run it for? If the memory checks out, try lowering the core ratio limit on the CPU to see if it stabilizes.

Level 12

89c on boot up is absolutely atrocious. your pump is dead/not working/or not plugged in right. 

NO THE PUMP WORKS. sorry caps lock. like its been on all day and itsw sitting at 45 right now but when I go to boot up for about 3 seconds it'll show like high 80's then go right back to 40 its weird like I was playing farcry 6 today for about 25 mins hottest it got I saw was 56 then its just crashes. I was playing a old game a 1050 could handle no problem 15 mins later crashes. all my RBG are all didfferent colors cuz Icue crashed and I have to restart my pc I don't start my pc 20 times a day for icue I'm going to get a professional in to look at it first pc I've ever had tro pay someone but I'll be pissed if they don't figure it out cuz then whatr do I do send the whole pc in for a RNA got to getr on it before the one year comes up and its damaged and I'm stuck with it cuz its been like this sionce day 1 

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1. Dropping DIMMs is a good indicator of an improper mount. Ensure the CPU is correctly mounted and inspect the CPU pin pad for any debris or damage.

2. Disable XMP and retest.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090