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Intel ME - We suggest you update ME Driver to the latest Version simulta

Level 9
The latest ROG STRIX Z790-A GAMING WIFI D4 BIOS 0703 comes with recommendation:

"3. We suggest updating the ME firmware to the latest version"

The corresponding ME firmware update comes with recommendation:

"*We suggest you update ME Driver to the latest Version simultaneously."

My questions are:
1. What is the order of installing of the 3 items mentioned above, assuming a new build with factory BIOS 0502?
2. Where do I get the "latest Version" ME Driver from? What version is it really supposed to be?
3. How can one update firmware and driver "simultaneously"?

MoKiChU wrote:

I am a user like you, I'm not associated in any way with ASUS staff. Although I can understand your legitimate reluctance, if I didn't offer what I offer, for example the weekend of the release of Raptor Lake would have been a disaster for many because I determined the root cause and allowed to save not bad situation without immediate official solution, and even beyond the ROG forum sphere (some will probably be able to testify). And I'm not even talking about motherboards that are no longer supported by ASUS.

Anyway, as I told you previously I just give you the choices available to you, no one is forcing you to do anything and i'm not selling anything (I do everything I do out of passion, I do not ask for any donation), so just stick with what comes from your support page if you feel very uneasy.

Looks like you have a big presence on this forum and good references from other user. This is fantastic to have such help. Thank you in advance.

As for the matching of bios and ME firmare and drivers, would it be possible to create a thread here on the forum that would list the mappings between the 3 elements? I realize that there are many motherboards and they have many bios versions. But maybe it would save you from answering many individual questions about this scattered across the forum.

Level 19
JohnAb wrote:
Very helpful thank you. So just out of interest, the flash software to update ME firmware is not motherboard specific?

Regarding the Intel ME firmware packages that I offer, no there isn't any artificial lock (they are directly based on Intel tool, without intermediary/overlay), regarding the Intel ME firmware packages from Z790-based motherboards support page (which are also based on Intel tool but with the ASUS ME Update Tool intermediary/overlay, hence the extra files/folders compared to my packages), I can't say if they have implemented an artificial lock in their ASUS ME Update Tool intermediary/overlay.

Ok, I think I understand. Thanks for your help once again 😄
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