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Intel Driver and Support Assistant not Working for You?

Level 17
You can download and install this tool directly from Intel here:

It's excellent if you've not used it before. It runs from your browser and scans your entire system for out of date Intel drivers/software and installs updates for you. Anyway, I couldn't get it working again since I last installed Windows and this was driving me crazy. I eventually remembered that I use the Brave browser (which is also very good) and based on Chrome.

There is a 'Shields' feature in Brave which blocks third party content and works on 99% of all websites perfectly. If a website doesn't work correctly, then you can turn the shields blocking feature off on an individual website basis.

If the Intel Driver and Support Assistant won't work and you use Brave, then turn shields off and all is good. Obvious with hindsight, but I'm posting this here in case it save somebody else some frustration. Just wish I'd thought of it weeks ago!
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Level 7

for Intel Driver and Support Assistant, you can download at:

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