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Intel 2.x NIC drivers do not with with Hyper-V vSwitch/vNIC VLANs

Level 8

This is a report I initially made to Intel directly, as it was triggered by a NIC driver update pushed down Windows Update. Full details are at

Following a similar process to, I am using Hyper-V vNICs to configure VLAN support on Windows 11. This works with the 1.x branch of Intel NIC drivers, e.g. This does not work with the updated 2.x branch, e.g. as automatically installed by Windows Update, nor the most recent distributed by Asus. When configured this way, the vNICs stop receiving packets on any 2.x drivers.

Intel has suggested that I contact Asus as they consider this an OEM issue:

> Since the issue definitely occurring after an update, contact your motherboard manufacturer / Asus for further assistance as the I225-V controller is embedded to the system.

> Just to add, you may consider reach out Asus to update the NVM file for the I225, because the log didn't display the version, such as "NVM Version:"Not Available"

System details:

NIC: (3) I225-V
orking driver version:, any other 1.x
Failing driver versions: from Intel/WU, any other 2.x (e.g. from Asus)
OS: Windows 11 22H2 Build 22621.2283
Motherboard: Asus Maximus Z690 Hero
BIOS: 2703 (latest)
Intel ME: (latest)


Level 7

I have the same problem. It is impossible to create a HyperV vSwitch with tagged VLAN packages. No Problem with Realtek NICs.

Level 8

Does anyone from Asus monitor these forums?