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icue Software. Beware!

Level 9

Waiting for an answer to solve my problem with my HERO Z90 and find finally the right RAM... (actually my system is stable with only 16 gb Kingston no RGB sell by a friend of mine ) i just discovered many post on Corsair site forum where many many people having issues with the ICUE software controlling their RGB and i found also a post where the problem came from their software and is is what happened to me! Look:

"hello guys, I want to point you all to my thread as I've managed to diagnose the issue. iCUE 5 has a serious bug in which it is writing garbage data to critical areas of memory (the SPD chips on the RAM modules themselves, the place where the RAM information is store: JEDEC profiles, XMP profiles, RGB configuration, etc.). Corsair needs to look into this urgently and ensure this is resolved and customers are either provided a rock-solid fix. Whether that be a method of correcting resetting their SPD data for their RAM modules to default or full refunds/returns under warranty as their software has essentially bricked their own products."

Now i'm afraid to buy again my next 64 GB Corsair (2x32) right for my build. What you tink about and your suggestions? Thank you, Grazie. Ciao.


Level 17

Don't know if it's related, but I had problems after updating HWInfo a while back. It would cause the RGB fan lights to flash on and off and also the LCD AIO screen wouldn't work with iCue. It only happened when HWInfo was running. There has since been a fix, but you have to disable something in HWInfo, I haven't got time to remind myself now. I'm still using an older version which works fine. Maybe your experience could be related?

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Level 16

Why buy anything Corsair? 

They make nothing. 

Just my 20cents 

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