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IA AC loadline : Auto? z790 e wifi gaming II

Level 7

Hey I have a z790 e wifi gaming II motherboard and I am try to lower the IA AC Load Line value ... i have been scouring the internet and it seems like a lot of people are just winging it and giving bad advice, so


Does anyone know for sure what hte Auto setting is? I looked in hwinfo64 and it shows that both  AC/DC are 1.00/1.00 mOhm.

Is it 1 in Bios = 1.00 mOhm
or is it .01 = 1.00 mOhm

its def not 100 becuse you can only go up to 62

If I wanted to lower it a bit should I put .0090 , does that equal .9 mOhm in hwinfo64?




Super Moderator

Hello, @noobConfusion69 Which BIOS build? The Auto rules for AC Loadline depend on the motherboard SKU.

You can simply alter SVID behaviour to reduce the applied setting easily.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

z790-E Gaming Wifi II BIOS
ver. 1301
12.94 MB 5/30/2024
so your saying dont touch ia ac loadline? and just set svid behavior to ______?

if you set IA AC Load Line to max like 62 ohm would your coomputer explode, damage CPU or mobo?