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i5 13600kf Asus Rog B660-f

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Recently bought a computer i5 13600kf, Asus Rog B660-F. Faced very high temperatures during Cinebench r23 100 degrees. Help me to customize the Bios to lower the temperatures without losing performance. CPU cooling Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360.


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Is it a prebuild?

Have you

1. Tried clearing the CMOS to make sure you're operating at factory defaults

2. Check the cooler is mounted correctly, and repaste accordingly

CR23 is a fairly high current workload. You can try quickly running an undervolt by setting Global SVID setting to Adaptive > Offset sign - > set between 0.030v - 0.050v and test stability.

Alternatively, set SVID behaviour to Best Case Scenario.

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There is no adaptive voltage on b660 boards.

And there is no svid behavior on b660 boards.

Then they talk about enviroment and other stuff about climate change, but they hide options to save power, just for a few more dollars. The only green they care about.

Thank you asus.

You can run an offset without Adaptive (see screenshot from cerber). Ironically, it's more power efficient than Adaptive when running an undervolt as it's applied to the entire VID stack lol.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Unfortunately, I didn't understand anything.

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Thats all you can do on severely limited B660 boards.

Actual VRM core voltage, offset, negative sign and up to around -0.100. Thats all the undervolt and lowering temps you can achieve. 

Global Core SVID voltage doesnt seem to have any effect on improving power consumption or temps.

Also there is a problem with some B660 that loss preformance when setting offset (B660I among others). Check your cinebench score after setting any offset.

If temps still high, you will need a better cooling solution.

I tried shifting -0.05, the processor dropped the frequency from 5.1 to 4.1

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You need to benchmark that. Try cinebench and compare stock and undervolt. If undervolt get lower score, you will have to run stock voltage. Undervolt shouldnt change performance, but some unknown bug causes this on some boards.

Do I need to change only Actual VRM core voltage or do I need to change Global core Svid Voltage?