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I was wrong about beta bios 1001 for Z790 Dark Hero (and some other Z790 boards). It's quite good!

Level 8

I had made a quick post a while back about my journey with mt z790 Dark Hero (if I had to do it again, I'd have bought the Apex) and beta bios 1001 that unlocke the CEP disable function for improved performance on NON-K 14900. I have the 14900Kf and I disable both CEp's and I dont notica a thing. No rise in temps or increase in performance. So  the deal about disabling CEP on NON-K boards, just because the option is avaible in the bios, just because you modify it doesn't always mean something will change. It doesn't seem to hurt anything so go for it.

So, I said the Cinebench 2024 was not allowing more than one or two runs before ending with bios 1001 when   bios 0904 that was not the case. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I tested more and Cinibench 2024 completely locks up after one or two passes with both 1001 AND 0904. So, it's not that.

I decided to try the older R23 version of Cinebench on my build with beta bios 1001. Ran absolutely great, as my temps never got out of the 70's on an all-core average, where with bios 0904 I was almost exactly 10 degrees hotter! I can't account for this behavior.

So I've had beta bios 1001 running on my Dark Hero for several days and everything seems to be absolutely fine. Better then fine in many cases. VERY stable, all of my games that I try run, and ****** do they run well. Just cannot think of any problems to report.

I apologize for not giving 1001 beta a fair shake.


Z790 Dark Hero, 2X48 (96GB Total) dual channel Corsair Titanium @ 6400, Ryujin 3 AIO (The New One), MSI SUPRIM X 4090 Air Cooled, Seasonic TX1600 1600-watt 80plus Titanium Power Supply. All in a Fractal Torrent Case so you know there are some BEEFY fans in there!

I also di a lot of custom touches like the Thermal Grizzly Contact Frame (Not that cheap Thermaltake garbage) and instead of thermal paste. I used a Thermal Grizzly Graphine Pad. My temps are the best of ANY build ive done in recent years.

I have NO affiliation with De Baur or Thermal Grizzly. I just watch De Baur's YouTube channel, I think he's a brilliant engineer and apparently entrepreneur as well. When chosing a contact frame  the question was  "I have spent thousands on this build. Am I really going to cheap out and save $25 bucs and get the Thermalright over the Thermal Grizzly. I held both and inspected both, but obviously only tested the more expensive Thermal Grizzly Frame.

My advice is old adsvice on this. 

You get what you pay for. Simple as that. You can tell IMMEDIATELY if you didn't know what they looked like which was 5 bucs and which one was 30. Thermal Grizzly graphine pads work REALLY well and if you are spending a bunch of money to build at least a decent PC you want the BEST contact with the cooler and IHS. I believe the thermal Grizzly frame is simply better. The quality is SO much better than the Thermalright (or is it Thermaltake?)

Thats my take on that. A bit of topic there.