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i need help to stable my g skill ddr5 2x24gb 7600 cl38

Level 7

hi everyone i have asus z790 hero i9 14900k sp 102 p113 e80 mc 85

and i have g skill 2x24gb 7600 cl38

i want my system stable and safe for voltage

i need if you can help me about timing to test the system

and what is the max safe voltage for ivr imc sa vdd and vddq

thanks for the help


Super Moderator

Hi @tomerturbo ,

Do you have the memory kit PN?

In terms of required voltage, the motherboard vendor auto rules apply what they consider to be the worst-case scenario in terms of what's required by the CPU for stability.  It can be necessary to tune these to account for signal variance between parts and becomes more commonplace to do so the higher the frequency. For better success in achieving "plug and play" overclocking, consider memory kits that are one to three frequency bins below the motherboard's maximum qualification on the QVL.

TX IVR, IMC VDD, VCCSA, VDD and VDDQ can be left in auto until you find they may require adjustment. 

7600MT on a 2 DIMM per channel board requires a reasonable IMC. What have you tried so far in terms of installing and activating the memory profiles?

Enable XMP 1 within AI Tuner, and start by running Memtest86+ from within the UEFI.


XMP/EXPO I This is the validated board profile. Every time a board is validated with a particular memory kit, the memory vendor and ASUS use this profile to validate the kit for the QVL.

XMP/EXPO II - This is the default DIMM profile from the memory vendor and contains sub-timings stored within the SPD EEPROM of the memory module. 

XMP/EXPO Tweaked - This is the fastest profile and contains various tuned sub-timings and memory parameters. 


13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090