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I'm unable to install Windows 11 and access the BIOS due to a black screen."

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What could be causing the A2 error on my ROG STRIX Z690-E GAMING WIFI motherboard? Despite having successfully reflashed the BIOS as per page 2-23 of the manual to resolve a previous error code 55, I now encounter the A2 error. Although all components such as the graphics card, cooler, keyboard, and mouse are working, I'm unable to access the BIOS, resulting in a black screen on my monitor. Even though I could access the BIOS during the reflash process, I chose not to, intending to complete PC assembly before booting. However, now that all fans and hard drives are connected, the BIOS remains inaccessible, displaying the A2,(F6)-New error code. I've attempted to reflash multiple times, but to no avail. My system configuration includes an Intel i7-13700k processor, MSI GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card, VENGEANCE DDR5 RAM (2x16GB, 6000MHz), a Be quiet Elite cooler, and a Be quiet 1000W power supply."Any suggestions for resolving this A2 error would be appreciated.


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Its not finding the boot drive... If was me Id unplug all ide and other drives, see if it boots... If it boots then reseat components ...  ....Unplug psu  cord... Hit the power button for about 10 seconds(to discharge capacitors... then reset the bios from the button on the back panel....

In general, everything worked out. Your method didn't help much. What happened was that I installed the firmware on the motherboard, not the latest version, but the penultimate one, and left two SATA cables for two hard drives, and then installed.