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I Can't creat RAID0 with nvme m2 on TUF B760-M Plus D4 Wifi

Level 7

Hello guys, I've already googled and check on YT, but I can't create a RAID0 with my 2 NVME Kingston Fury Renegade on my new Intel 13700KF on ASUS B760-M D4 Wifi. I tried to follow the asus/intel manual, but, the create raid bottom haven't become able to use.

I tried to follow this manual below: as the manual which comes with Main Board have nothing about it.

Does anyone, have success on this mission? I saw a video on YT that a guy did it on Gigabyte MB and have more than 13k of reading and 9k of writing with the same M2 model that I'm trying to.

Thanks in advance, cheers!


Level 7

Having the same problem looking for advice

Level 7

Same problem here. I can assign the 2 M.2 drives for a RAID0  array but the "Create Volume" button is grayed out and a message says "PCIe RAID Not Available".