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HWMonitor is reporting over 110c on two of my PMPIN temps on motherboared.

Level 9

I do not have the AI suite installed, nor any overclocking, just have armory crate running and a couple of my TMPIN sensors are showing maxing out at 115 and 126c. Not sure if its a false positive or if something is up with my board, at one point my board was taking forever to load after some updates in AC, Windows has a fresh install, AC has a fresh install, just noticed this since I installed HWMonitor. Also PTMIN4 is reporting 0.0c as value and min with 126c max.

Ryujin III 360 RGB AIO
Rog Strix Z790-E
G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB 7200mhz cl34 32gb 2x16
Samsung 990 Pro 2tb
Samsung 980 Pro 2tb
2x Samsung 980 2tb.
Rog Strix OC RTX 4090
Rog Hyperion case.
Rog Thor II 1200w


Level 9


Level 8

I think that you will get the same problems I got since a few weeks. It started with one time error in heating of three cores of the CPU about 100° and then it is continuing crashing games and get BSODs. After reinstalling WIN11 I get strange BSOD and app creash. Even AC takes 1hour to finish instalation and the driver setup does not work properly.... I assume your Mainboard is done or  some sensors on the board are done (my MB: Z690 Maximus Extreme, from March 2022, 1350€).