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How to do better M2 onboard cooling / ASUS Z690-F ?

Level 8

Dear experts,
I have used all 3 M2 slots for SSDs on the ASUS Z690-F.
Now there are very hot room temperatures and the M2 temperatures are increasing to 68°C.
I am not sure how long these M2 will run without problems under that conditions.
The PC itself is cooled by 3 Be Quiet Pure Wings 14cm (one at the back and 2 at the front) and the CPU is cooled by EK AIO 360 in a Be Quiet Silent Base 802.
How is it possible to reduce the above mentioned increasing M2 temperatures ?
Is it possible to remove the M2 onboard cover to an active M2 cooling adapter for each M2 or will that not work ?
Would additional cooling i.e.
- with a fan at the bottom of the case or
- with an additional PCI Slot fan
have more success at the end ?

What is your recommendation and experience ?

Many thanks in advance for any recommendation !!

best regards


Hi Drayco31,

Thanks a lot for your time and helpfulness. Now its clearer than before.

Unfortunately I have another question regarding the Themal Grizzle thermal pads:

I have found them with thickness of 0,5 mm and 1 mm.
Which thickness size do you recommend ?

Best regards


Level 11

One of each as the supplied is 1x 0.5mm and 1x 1mm. EK heatsink does come with thermal pads. I never tested to see what the difference would be

Level 11

@ Greg7579

These boards already has heatsinks with thermal pads underneath. Has a odd pad thickness, least on the Z690 boards, that is .25 where as standard thickness is in increments of .50 so if you ever remove a drive you'll have issues finding replacement pads should you need to replace it.

As it's an OS drive you shouldn't really need to remove it like I did.

I have 4 x M.2 drives installed and I always remove/disconnect all but the OS drive if reinstalling Windows. Was having GPU issues and had to reinstall multiple times and the Themal pads could not be reused after 1 or 2 removals. As I had trouble finding 1.25mm thermal pads I decided to use my EK heatsinks that I'd removed when transferring drives to the Z690 board. Had to modify them to fit as described earlier.