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Hero problems

Level 7
I waited until the backwards-capacitor problem was solved and bought a Z690 Hero from NE. The agent told me their latest stock was fine. I have nothing but trouble with overheating with this mobo. I bought a 12900KS and it would hardly run at default loaded with any multi-core stuff without hitting high 90's or 100. XTU stuff was too hot, and the "current/EDP Limit Throttle" was red most of the time. So I finally called Intel and the rep checked it online and decided I needed a replacement. It arrived and same, only worse. Not only won't run XTU stress or benchmark, But won't pass any benchmarks and shuts itself down after a time. I have thoroughly checked out the cooling system.

My question is, has anyone had other problems with the Hero? Do I need to RMA it? Or is there any other thing I should be looking at?

Super Moderator
I'm using the EKWB Velocity and have no real gripes with the block. It's only when pushing circa 1.4v+ that the current becomes a little too much for the cooling to handle.
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