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Help with intel Default settings for 14900 on Z790-E Strix

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I wanted some help on finding the settings that are mentioned in the intel default settings guide published by intel for 13/14th gen. I have a 14900K and this is the 3rd CPU that I got after RMA and dont want to deal with another CPU going bad.

Can someone guide me with screenshots on how to apply the settings mentioned here -


I cannot find these settings which are mentioned in the intel default settings guide:

  • CEP 
  • eTVB
  • TVB
  • TVB Voltage optiomizations
  • ICCMAX unlimited bit
  • TjMax offset
  • C-States
  • AC load Line  (please see my current settings, in the screenshjot below)
  • DC Load Line

P.S: When i installed the CPU here are the settings I have done:

  • Selected F1 when asked to apply ASUS optimized setttings
  • Enabled XMP 1
  • CPU Load line calibration is set to 4 
  • Internal power management settings ( CPU Core/Current MAX 400A, PL1 253, PL2 253)






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No one? not even Asus employees?

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You only posted this 2 hours ago.

What exactly are you looking to achieve by doing this? Enable the baseline profile, or leave the system at operating defaults.

1. AC/DC LL is defined by the motherboard vendors depending on VRM specification, hence why Intel have neglected to mention specific values.

2. Disable MCE.

3. Under Internal CPU Power Management set CEP to enabled

If you're looking to neuter your performance due to some concern why not use Intel's Performance setting recommendation for the 14900K and set PL1 to 125 and current to 307A rather than the Extreme recommendation?

There's no real logic to trying to alter these settings unless experiencing issues.

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don't be so impatient. in the states everyone is still sleeping. the settings you changed are more than enough. I'd honestly change back the LLC to 3 instead of 4. upping that to 4 supplies more voltage to the cpu under load  than really whats needed especially with a 253w power limit.

also all the settings you mentioned above as you couldn't find you do not need to touch.

-cep is off by default because these cpus are undervolted by default. undervlted=less voltage=more lifepsan of cpu

turning that to on will supply more voltage and make the cpu hotter thus making the lifespan of the cpu shorter

tvb and etvb is auto on by asus. no need to touch these settings

icc unlimited bit is turned off since you put core current max 400

loadline calibration do not touch unless you know what your doing. just leave that at auto

honestly you need to not worry so much. just having a 253w limit will stop most stability issues. but you have a wouldnt you want to give it more performance

sorry for being impatient, I thought this is a global forum and there would be MOD's round the clock and also I am a little bit worried since 2 13900K went bad and had a very bad intel RMA expeirence with both (2+ months of no pc). I just got the 14900K and want to ensure i dont run into issues down the line (both 13900K started having issues 5-6months down the line).

@Silent_Scone I am confused on what to use, Intel's recent stated that you should not use base line profile on boards that are capable of higher performance but should follow the settings specified by them in that screenshot i posted. When i set the intel base line profile the AC/DC load lines don't match what is specified in the screenshot. 

so in the end can someone guide me on what is the best setting where i don't run into issues down the line and also not loose a ton of performance? intel base line or the settings mentioned by intel in the SS

I followed this video - before coming across the intel spec (he updated the comment)


Hey all, today were are taking a quick look at 13th and 14th gen power consumption issues and how to easily fix them by following Intel SPEC for the chip. Intel has for 13900K/14900K a 253w limit in the "Extreme Config" on both PL1 and PL2. For the 13900KS and 14900KS, the "Extreme Config" is 320w

Set SVID Behaviour to Typical. If you've enabled CEP and set PL1 and PL2, just use the system. The AC/DC LL required can depend on the silicon quality and motherboard.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

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@Silent_Scone okay, i will set those and use the system.