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Freezing on idle or browinsg i think low usage only. never playing games it crashe

Level 10

I have a z690 d4 plus wifi

intel 12600k

latest bios 2305

its always done this

16gb ram and is on the accepting list of bios ram modules

I have to say this board or brand is atrocious I installed armoury crate and AI suite thinking no big deal could be pointless but no harm.

I install and the Asusfan service is crashing my computer constantly everytime  run my computer froze i see in the event viewer it said "Asusfan service tryed to run"😂 then "hardware failure" on the same time exact same time!

so i uninstall everything from asus and disable the fan service thought it be fixed and was a huge improvement but still kept freezing every 30 minutes sometime it was a few hours sometime it was 10 minutes.

Event viewer says Hardware failure

never once crashed playing games only idle or browsing obviosuly low usage drops to low voltage or watts?.

Now for the bit thats important even tho asus should really fix their software unbelievable making software freeze ur computer

now this might help other with issues 

i disable c state its all fixed. no more freeze on idle why is this?

everything is stock in bios 

xmp disabled

is this a cpu problem will an RMA fix it?

does n e 1 know the issue?

im stunned asus released a bios version and cannot do basic tasks like browsing without a freeze and power off and on is required!

ive had this pc for a year and only just trying to fix it now. i only play games mostly and doesnt crash

im probably getting an extra 5 watts cpu maybe less with c state disabled and i see the watts ramp up when c state enabled so i dont know if the average is alot less maybe 3 - 6 watts? dont mind the extra watts 3 - 6 watts for 30 mins 😂

do n e pros know what to do?

will this affect my cpu ? if it cant handle c state enabled is it faulty?

i really dont want to RMA it (waste of time) if it works as it should

im typing this on my PC now and no crash so far wooho. it used to crash alot when im typing on forums

basically the problem is when C state disabled my computer doesnt freeze when browsing or idle

thank u very much



Its already at default 2666mhz. The C state seems to fix it will play around with voltage offset! 

Level 9

The old bug will cause random idle freeze with any voltage offset, negative and positive ones.

Ok. I  tryed I enabled c state again and enabled undervolt protection yes I'm noob. Turned it on 5 minutes it froze 😞 an I can't see voltage offset in bios only individual options for each core I ain't touching that  😞

Level 9

Guess you already tried to load default settings and dont change anything on bios.

Yes I'm now trying disable enhanced c states and enable c10 states. 

Been on for 20 mins my cpu idles around 10 Watts now lowest its been is 7 Watts. 

Used to idle around 13 Watts. 

Probably will freeze soon tho 😞


Level 10

idling for 5 hrs now been browsing for 30 minutes. 

im still not convinced its fixed time will tell

turning off c state fixes also the issue.

c state is working now 5 watts lower than c state off not alot but i want c state working as it should

im currently using Enhanced c state disabled

and                      c state - c10

asus fix ur bios

Level 10

yep just froze again left idle . What a pos. Going to give a long test with c state disabled. If it freezes f this computer 

Level 10

enough testing for me today no freeze with c state disabled but will do more testing very soon shouldnt need to test asus should fix this problem

Level 10

ok got my computer on again ima test all day lol