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Forum new messages but I can never see them

Level 11
Ok not specific to this forum but these forums as a whole. Trying to use support is for hardware and his isn't a harware issue. Not long after my first thread I saw the icon with a 1 showing new messgae, can never see anything in inbox to read. Tried the empty folder but the 1 persisted and I just ignored it. Recently it went up to 2 and once again I can't see anything in my Inbox and like before no amount of Empty Folder removes the 2. I don't even know if it's deleted the invisible messages. Thought it could be my Noscript add on for Firefox, even though I toggle all scripts on, so I tried MS Edge and that is exactly the same.

Anyone have any idea why and how to fix this?
Any idea of somewhere else I can try to get help?

EDIT: Oh and if someone who has emailed recently spots this I have just checked again and can see I did delete all messages, couldn't see them anyway, So I have 0 in my inbox despite the 2 badge on my profile links. I'm assuming it was from an Admin, I'm not ignoring you I just can't seem to actually emails

Level 19

If you have a PM notification and that you have no PM when you go to check, it means that it is not a PM notification but rather a Reputation notification.

You can see/check your Reputation notifications in your Control Panel (Latest Reputation Received/Given) :

Level 11
@ MoKiChU

It showed 2 in a red circle and when clicked the dropdown shows 2 Inbox and clicking inbox takes me to my messages inbox. No rep in site. Followed you're link and its now gone. First rep was from you in January You're welcome MoKiChU after I thanked you for helping me remove all the Sonic Studio stuff. 2nd is from a thread a few days ago, no comment.

This may have been easier if the rep stuff didn't show as inbox and take me to inbox from the link in top right. Something more like

Rep (+number and takes to page for rep)

Or 1+ on Settings to see a dropdown with
Settings (+number and takes to page for rep)
My Profile
Private Messages

Thanks for pointing out it, managed to trace where it is now. Clearly had no idea about a rep system on here.

Level 19

The number in a red circle indicates cumulatively the number of PM received + the number of Reputation received.

If you want to see the distinction between the two, you can click on the button.