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Floaty mouse issue with ROG Strix Z790 H - Gaming wifi.

Level 7

Swapped from an MSI P wifi board to a asus board after having issues with the previous one unrelated to mouse input.


My main problem now is that my mouse inputs feel incredibly floaty and imprecise. I'm running latest bios with all the most recent drivers installed. Motherboard is secure in case, and everything cable wise is tidy and tucked where it can be. All connections were checked and clean upon putting the parts together.

I'm not using any different peripherals to the MSI board and i'm not using any special programs other than standard game launchers. 


I've tried with and without the realtek drivers and HD audio controller disabled/enabled

XMP has been tried on XMP1 XMP2 XMP Tweaked and off and same result.

My mouse is plugged into the top usb slot, not the one used for bios flashback.

It's making gaming pretty impossible, as the mouse is simply too imprecise.. The worst part is this is the second board of the same type to have this issue, as i thought my first z790 h gaming wifi was simply defective.

Perhaps something in the bios is causing this issue? Is there anything you may be able to suggest? I have also checked the socket for bent pins or whatever but it's clean. Everything should be working correctly and simply isn't.

Thanks in advance!



Level 7

Just realised i didn't post my specs, so i'll add those in this post. I'm using a 13700k, with 16gbx2 ddr5 5600mhz cl36 ram. and 2 m.2 drives, one 250gb wd blue and a 1tb wd blue for games. I'm also running a 4070 GPU and an EVGA platinum 850w PSU.


Hello Ayayronplays

For the imprecise mouse issue, have you tried unchecking Enhance Pointer Precision in mouse properties?

Don't forget to click apply.

Mouse Properties.png

Hi, yeah i always have this turned off. Unfortunately no fix. My assumption is it's some driver issue or a bios setting that's causing the issues, i just have no idea where to start as there are a lot more options available than on the MSI board.


There are a number of things that can cause erratic or imprecise mouse behavior.

1) Try cleaning the sensor on the bottom of the mouse with a q-tip.

2) Try a different mousepad or with no mouse pad.

3) If you're using a wireless mouse, there could be interference or the wireless receiver needs moved closer.

4) Does Device Manager show any missing drivers?





Hi again,

The sensor has been cleaned, same result, i have tried with a new mousepad (although my main mousepad is an artisan fx zero mid so i doubted that was an issue) the result was the same.

My viper v2 pro dongle is next to my pad so no problems with distance and i've also tried it on the other side plugged into the pc itself and not the extender.


The only driver missing in device manager is the raid controller driver in which i am using AHCI anyway.


Thank you

I see the Razer Viper Pro V2 supports 8k polling rate.

Try the polling rate at 1000Hz, if a program isn't optimized for the 8k polling rate, it can cause issues.




Thanks for ur reply.

I am currently only using the mouse at a 1000hz polling rate as i don't have the hyperpolling dongle just the normal one.


I've also tried with another mouse to confirm and the issue is still occuring.


Thanks! I actually had no idea another firmware had been released, I checked recently actually but obviously not within the last 3 days 😅

Will have a play about with this firmware update and see if anything improves. For reference I went into the back of my case and checked all PSU connections. They were fine but i've slightly moved the 2 connectors for supplying power to the CPU and re-ziptied them.