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First boot up freeze on asus logo

Level 9

I don't know what happened exactly. When i start my pc it freezes on asus logo. I have to shut down manually with power button and after that its opening normally but not with fast startup. I thought maybe its about fast startup issue and i turn off my pc from windows and turn on. It started normally again. Other day again with 1st boot up its freezes. Does anyone have this issue?

I9 13900KF

ASUS rog z790 F gaming wifi

latest chipset me bios and all other drivers.


Level 7

Yeah it happen to my device also. How many freezes I face only the keyboards was lit. But after I finish all the windows update,  everything was normal

Level 8

"Freezes on Asus logo" is common thing on asus z690/z790 boards
i have two strix z690 with this bug
read forum, there is more topics about this problem
it's defective asus boards. Only return and buy other brand will help

Well ı thought ı solve the issue by clearing cmos and clean install of windows 11 but issue persist today.

Level 7

A lot of people have this issue. But as you can see Moderators and/or Asus does not give a f****. In an 'RMA request I was told to turn the pc completely off, wait 10 seconds and restart it. I my case this work around works so my RMA was marked as solved. The z790 Strix Gaming F will be mny last Asus component ever. And on top of that after 1 year I still have not received my Cashback vom Wintersale 22/23 ....