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fastest m.2 raid 1, hyper card or intel z790 on Maximus Z790 Hero?

Level 7
Is the fastest raid 1 setup to run the two m.2 drives on the hyper card in the pci or mount them on the m.2_2 and m.2_3 slots directly on the board and use the intel z790 chipset?. thank you.

Level 7
Here's my 2 cents. I have the Z790 Hero with 2 980 Pros in Raid 0 in the M.2_2 and M.2_3 MB slots and 2 990 Pros in Raid 0 in the Hyper M.2 card in the 4X PCIe slot. The 990's score almost 15,000 in Crystalmark and the 980's score almost 14,000. Considering the generational difference between the 990 and 980 I'd say it's about a toss-up. YMMV.