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Fans and argb on fan controller not seen on ROG Maximus Z690 Extreme

Level 9

I have connected the fan controller that comes with the ROG Maximus Z690 Extreme with all cables (USB, power and argb), but I can't see any of the connected fans or argb items in either bios, armourycrate, aisuite or any other monitor program. All the fans are running and also the rgb is working on the fans, but I can't control them by any means (although the rgb does follow the amourycrate settings for rgb, my guess is it does somehow sync with the mobo)

Does the fan controller need a driver or something or how else will I be able to control any fans connected to it (or rgb for that matter).


Level 9
Never mind, I feel a bit silly, but I found it in ArmouryCrate => Device => ROG FAN CONTROLLER

how did you connect the ROG fan controller to your PSU- did you use the 8 pin PCI-E ports? or something else? thanks.

Hi guys - I finally figured out the answer from Asus. They have confirmed that the 6 pin power plug on the ROG Fan Controller does indeed connect to the PSU's PCI-E ports - on my Seasonic Prime PX-1000 it is the CPU/PCI-E 8 pin ports. Hope that helps.

Level 7

OK, I am on my 2nd PC build. I am not at all sure how to connect the ROG Fan Controller. The bags with wires only have part numbers and don't say what they are for. Any help would be appreciated.