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Fan Xpert 4 vs Armoury Crate

Level 7

I have just finished the built of my new setup (Strix z790-E + 13900K). I am very stonished to see that Fan Xpert 4 in no more included within the AISuite software. It seems that it is mandatory to install Asus Armoury Crate in order to be able to use the Fan Xpert utility. Am I right ?

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lao-ax wrote:
It says that there is no fan connected to the ROG FAN CONTROLLER.

Have you tried clicking the "Auto Tuning" button (top right of the AC device page for me)? It's been a while, but I seem to remember that I needed to do that to get fans to show up on mine.

I just got my new rig set up and I tried pressing that and manually going to that tab as well but I cant seem to get the program to open up. It tries to flash something before the window is just filled with a black screen with nothing on it


How are you making out gametoken87, were you able to get Armoury Crate + Fan Xpert 4 working?

If you're still having issues, try the steps in my reply on the first page.

I did I ended up having to completely wipe the pc back to square 1 and reinstall everything cause I messed up my BIOS but when I got everything reinstalled I had no issues getting the program to work

Level 9

Remove armoury crate it's only plower power crap to no use. install aisuite 3.05/06 allso calle 3.1 and intel support assistant then you are covered.