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Extreme + NVMe m2.2 Update bios 0811 to 1003 or 1101 impossible

Level 7
Having problems with my Gskill 6000 or Corsair 6200 memory, I try to update my bios but it fails. POST ERROR message (d6)
I noticed that the d6 appears after the DETECT HDD post, the ssd is a Samsung 980PRO SSD on M2.2.

Do you know why this is happening. 😞

Thanks for your help and advice

Ghoosti wrote:
I'm finally on bios 1101! 😮

It's a crazy story, let me explain:
I have Corsair Led lighting (iCUE LS100) behind my screen, and by deactivating it, the bios 1101 is gone!!! for the 1st time!

I haven't changed anything in my config! I've been trying for days...

If it can help any of you.... :cool:

You had us all stumped man.... 🙂

Jimbo93 wrote:
You had us all stumped man.... 🙂

Mwais I know but it worked.
I think it might create interference to the CG through the Dislayport
I am in HDMI and everything is OK and with the 1101... 😉