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Electrical noise on SSD's when C states are enabled (Asus TUF Gaming Z690 D4)

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Hello!. Well, it happens what it says in the title. This has been happening since recently (I swear that with the last update 23h2 of Windows 11), or because I now have a 14700Kf (before I had a 12700KF), the thing is that there is something that is happening so that some of my SSD (or all, I have 3 NVME and 2 SATA), put a very annoying electrical noise when I have enabled the C states that did not happen before.

The solution logically is to disable the C states but I don't like that solution, the processor consumes something more and also gets a little bit warmer in idle/navigation.

I tried to set maximum performance mode from power and it doesn't matter, the noise is only removed if I disable C states.

Best regards


Ok, it seems that disabling "enhanced c-states" is solved and the SSD's do not make noise, and the CPU continues with the other C-states reducing consumption and temps. That is, leaving it like this:

CPU C-states = Enable
Enhanced C-States = Disable

Before I had both things "enable" and that's why the SSD's emitted an electrical noise.