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dual GPU possible on Asus ROG Strix z-790 e wifi II?

Level 7


I just build my PC using MB ASUS ROG Strix z790 E wifi II. my plan the spec is:

MB ASUS ROG Strix Z-790E Wifi II

intel i7 14th gen

64GB Corsair Vegance Memory

2x GPU Asus RTX 2080 Ti.

when finished, I found problem whereas only 1 GPU is detected, I attached 1 GPU on PCIEX16 Gen 5 slot and other on PCIEX16 Gen 4 slot. I cannot attached both GPUs on PCIEX16 gen 4 slot because too thick. as Information, Strix Z-790 E wifi II has 3 PCIEX 16 slots, 1 gen 5 and others gen 4.

if I use monitor output from GPU on gen 5 slot, other GPU is not working. and vise versa.

any solution for this? I need 2 GPUs because I want to play flight simulator with multi monitor.

sorry for my english.. 


Level 17

The 2080TI has 3x DP and one HDMI. Will that not work for you? I'm actually not sure if both cards will work at once but I think I've read that some people have done it. 

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