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Does the Proart Z790 support DDR5 7800MHz or not?

Level 7

I purchased TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 Ram 32GB (2x16GB) 7800MHz (FF3D532G7800HC36DDC01), and it is indeed listed in the QVL. However, regardless of whether I choose XMP I, XMP II, or XMP tweaked, I cannot pass any RAM tests, and sometimes  even encounter BSOD. The product specifications do mention a maximum of 7200MHz (OC), but the QVL shows higher speeds than 7200?

Even when I maintain the timings at 38-48-48-84 and voltage at 1.4V, I can't achieve stability even when downclocking to 7600 or 7400. Ultimately, it remains stable at 7200, and I can even lower the voltage to 1.35V with timings set to 34-42-42-84...

I'm confused...


Level 12

it does not matter if the RAM is on the QVL list. what matters is your cpu (memory controller specifically) can run that high of a speed.

one thing to keep in mind(and i wish that i had known this) is that if you have a 4 dimm slot motherboard (even if your only running 2x ram sticks) has a LOT harder time running anything over 7000. 7200 is probably the highest you can really go without seriously upping the voltage/serious tweaking.

what i suggest you do is lower your speed to 7000 or 7200 and tighten the timings since you have high spec'd RAM.

i bought 7600 ram but even though my cpu can probably handle that no problem my motherboard is bottle necking it. so what i decided to do is lower it to 7200 and tighten the timings to 32-42-42-32 and raised the VDD/VDDQ voltage to 1.5 and so far all the testing shows completely stable.

keep in mind even though its on the QVL list doesnt mean its guaranteed. its still an overclock. a massive one at that with that speed.

Level 7

Thank you for your advice.

In the end, I successfully adjusted to 7200MHz, 1.435V, 32-42-42-32, tREFI 65535, and passed all tests. The latency has been reduced to 54ns, and it feels very smooth!

Super Moderator

As above. I normally recommend users opt for a ratio one or two notches below the maximum frequency validation if looking for a plug and play. 7800MT on a 2DPC board will still require a reasonable CPU IMC, even with 14th gen CPUs.

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