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Does anyone have Z690 Gaming A with a 14900K/KF Ecore SP is dreadfully low

Level 11

I am struggling with this chips E core VID and SP rating, I am getting a worse rating than my 12900K and the VID table shows that the E cores are needing far more voltage than P cores which can't be right.

Pcore SP is 108 

Ecore SP is 60! 

Or is this 2802 bios bugged?

Right now my Ecores VID reading and voltages are at around 1.385v while the P Cores around 1.3-1.32.

I have reset the bios multiple times and I am still getting the same readings and VID table.


Can anyone confirm with this same board and a 14th Gen CPU if it's the same if so then this bios is bugged.