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Do the 700 boards support the new 24/48GB DDR5 from corsair or not at the moment?

Level 7

First time poster here. Having a bit of a problem figuring out if the 700-sersies motherboard supports the new ddr5 from corsair, namely with 24, 48gb modules. The news dropped everywhere the other week that ASUS now supports this, listing all BIOS version supporting.

But, when I'm checking out the QVL none of the ddr5 from corsair is listed?

So, whats this all about? Do the boards support theese now, but they just forgott updating the QVLs, or are the correct BIOS not yet released, even if ASUS seem to say they are?

Thanks in advance 🙂

Level 10
The z790 Apex atlest have the latest stable Bios upgrade 0812 say that it does, if it doesnt show in the QVL you might get issues refunding or RMAing deeping on your retail store.

I cant attest that they work becuase I have the mobo but not the sticks.