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Do SP scores normally vary with BIOS versions?

Level 11

something odd happened.
When I updated BIOS from 805 to 1702 (using 13900KF, to be able to use 14gen) the SP rating for 14700K came up consistently at 76, at multiple cold boots.
However, having DDR5 difficulty with 1702, I flashed to 1501 and DDR5 didn't improve but SP dropped to 74.
Flashing back to 1702 the SP stayed at 74, consistently.

Does the 1702 completely replace the intel ME, or it stays from a previous BIOS such as 1501? It appears some part of 1501 remained stuck which dropped SP.


Super Moderator


Which SP are we referring to? Overall, Core SP or MC? The former two can  be influenced slightly by microcode. SP is just an indicator of potential, it won't impact the performance of the CPU or OC potential.

MC SP can vary a few points as it's influenced by temperature. 

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