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Delid 13900K AI vs All P 58X/E 46X optimization

Level 8
I recently delid my 13900K. This is not brag.. this is trying to fig out fine line what should i stay with. Should i continue using AI Optimization? or use All Core P58X / E 46X?
With AI, i was able to use LL5. But for 58X, i need to use LL6 to get it stable. I have included both AI idle/Stress Result and 58X idle / Stress. Did both Cinebench R23 and 3D Mark CPU profile.


Observation: Cinebench R23 score of AI Optimization vs 58X/46X. Huge score difference. I was able to get 58X = 42613, AI = 40458. Which make sense.
For 3D Mark CPU Profile, that's a different story. To me, in CPU Profile, the number is almost identical. At first, i couldn't really understand why 58X / 46X All core didn't beat the AI by a huge margin like R23. Upon carefully looking at the break down of the result in 3D Mark CPU Profile result. I understand now. Prior to delid, i was in TOP 30% when using AI optimization. Very disappointed. With Delid and AI, it didnt lose to ALL Core 58X/46X. It is because of the temperature. i can see the CPU MHZ vs Temperature in each section of the test. Because of the delid. Temperature was able to keep below 70 and MHZ sometime was in 6000MHz. Because 3D Mark wasnt able to keep CPU in stress long enough for it to drop in MHZ. That would have explain why 3D Mark CPU profile was quite similar to 58X. In R23, it stress out CPU in within 3 sec.. the AI drop to 55X/43 very quick and explain the score with just 40458. Temperature and duration of the test kill the R23 score.

During weekdays, i work and comptuer is in very light usage. Even in weekend, i hardly have time to play game anymore. So high 350watt load isnt going to be issue.

Some of you may ask why I overclock my 13900K if i hardly use it? I am a PC enthusiast, PC hobby 25+ years. Building PC is what i like.. Purchase top end CPU, and want to get max $ with as much performance as i can squeeze out of it (Not crazy OC, but OC to certain extend.)

Question 1: Should i stay with AI? Since light usage, AI can sustain higher clock then 58X.
Question 2: Any ideal how to lower that IA voltage?